Word Of Mouth Is Another Principal To Help Grow Your Online Marketing Presence

By | February 11, 2015

With online marketing your email list is definitely key to success but you do have another outlet. Word of mouth marketing is also a key to success for online marketing. There is no formula for success here, that being said there are general guidelines that can point you in the right direction. The reason there is no magic formula is if there was everyone would be an overnight success.

So that being said how can you succeed with word of mouth advertising? Some things hold more truth than others, while some methods may work some of the time, other methods work more of the time. Of course it takes you putting your own unique spin on any method, after all if you carbon copy everything you will never ever stand out right?

So here are some tips for success with word of mouth advertising in online marketing:

Understand your market:

Most of your client base, rather a big chunk of your client base have two things in common: They are mobile and social. This is the biggest chunk of the market today, people who consume there media on mobile devices and browse social media many many times per day.


Avoid marketing terms at most turns in this game. You need your content that you offer to come off as authentic content. People know when they are being marketed to, you can always include a link to a sales page, but saturating a webpage with marketing lingo is a sure fire way to NOT be seen as authentic. You want to use a friendly tone as if you are having a conversation with the people reading or viewing your content, not looking like a used car lot salesmen trying to sell them a lemon. Your customers will know when they are being marketed or being treated like a valued community member.

Short video:
Videos get shared. You know what the most shared viral content has in common with each other? The videos are short, simple and sweet. Many platforms such as Instagram and Vine limit video content to 15 seconds or less for just that reason. You will find more engagement with simple short and to the point videos than long drawn out boring videos to tell your brand story. You want to stay relevant on topic, to the point, but keep it entertaining at the same time. This is where a good writer can come in handy, but to succeed with a good writer you need to provide your writer with a good outline on who and what your brand is, it is their job to polish that up using words to tell that story in a way that gravitates with readers.

To create a good word of mouth campaign you need to be authentic. You need to avoid overly marketing words, terms and phrases, if people know they are being marketed people will not share your content. You use good content to bring people to your website and then you create a sales funnel from your website. Each page of your website should be viewed as a funnel. Quality content is the core of this funnel and authority and authenticity result from this. Once you have authority and authenticity sales will follow.

Lastly you need a service or product you believe in. A product or service that would gladly recommend to your own mother and family. If you do not have that go back to the drawing board.

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