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How Local SEO can Help Small Businesses Become Visible in the Maps Pack

Local SEO will rank small businesses that operate in a specific area and exclude the results of all other businesses that are not located in the areas. People want to look for shops in a specific area when they search a local keyword. Because of the low competition, they will surely find your website and they can go to your website to learn more information. You will be able to get a higher conversion rate with 200 targeted local searchers compared to 1,000 searchers that are not interested in what you are offering. For example, if you enter roofing services, it is likely that you are not going to click through any website as these roofing services are located far from where you live.

Local SEO works just like long tail keyword where there are lesser competition. The low competition means it is easier for you to get the number one spot in the search result. Even though the competition is low, you still have to work on your site and optimize it for the SEO. The low competition means it takes lesser time for your website to rank on the search result. Small businesses usually survive and get their customers from local search result. This is why you should optimize your site for local SEO if you are only offering your services to a specific area.

Including your website in the local search result can establish an impression of trustworthiness on your customers. Established business in a local area are usually listed in the local search result. In Google search engine, it will show the reviews submitted by customers for that business so that prospective customers can read them. Survey shows that more than 80% of people trust in online reviews so having customers reviewing your business is important to attract more customers. You can get your website reviewed by customers by listing it at places like Bing Local and Yelp.

Many of the local searches come from mobile phone users. Most people will carry their mobile phones everywhere they go. For example, when someone wants to look for restaurant in the area, they will perform a search query on the search engine on their mobile phone. Statistic shows that there is a higher number of mobile searches compared that desktop searches. So, if you want your business to have high visibility in the local search result, make sure to optimize it to become mobile friendly.

Local search engine optimization Is beneficial for all sizes of businesses including national companies and not just small business. National companies can get their headquarter listed in the local search result so that customer in that specific area can easily contact the customer support.